Josh Willis

Pastor Willis is a product of personal evangelism, was radically saved and delivered instantly in November of 1975 from a life of sorted crime and enormous drug abuse. After transitioning through denominational churches he came to realize the call that was on his life and after three years of serving started a church. We offer the very best services in our field. We never settle for second best, and always have your satisfaction as our top priority. It’s who we are, and we are proud of it.

Grace Chapel of Praise

Grace Chapel of Praise church in Hamilton, Ohio was an eventual by-product of that conversion, founded by Pastor Josh from a home bible study in 1979 and was located between Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio on the I-75 corridor. Due to the drastic nature of his conversion and the subsequent power of his resulting testimony many people that had known him from his former life where drawn into the church. As a result of many coming to be saved, but returning to environments they could not stand, the necessity to create a discipleship center was obvious.

The Good Samaritan's Inn

Founded in June of 1982 as an outreach of that Church, The Good Samaritan’s Inn was birthed as a discipleship training center to drug and alcohol addicted men eighteen years and up that had accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and to use their faith to overcome addiction. Pastor Josh had become keenly aware of the needs which can only be met by the church. Being led by the Holy Spirit, he founded the Inn so that men from every demographic and background, could come and receive spiritual, mental, and physical help during this critical period in their lives. This ministry is a bridge from a past of hopelessness and defeat to a future of hope and victory through their new life in Christ!

The Depot

In 2018, Josh purchased property from the local board of education that was used as a bus depot for the local school system. Josh felt led by God to purchase The Depot. At the time of the purchase, Josh only knew God would have him use the property to further his ministry.

Josh Willis Ministries

After much prayer and spiritual contemplation, Josh discovered the plan for The Depot was not only to continue his ministry to recovering addicts, but to grow leaders who will further the cause of Christ, spreading the biblical plan for recovery through Christ and His healing salvation to the Fourth World.

Fourth World

The Fourth World is an extension of the three-world model, used to refer to sub-populations socially excluded from global society. The Fourth World is not limited to geographical boundaries. It exists worldwide. It includes the impoverished, hungry and addicted who have been marginalized by society.